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About Nager Law Group and Carolyn Gilden Krohn

Serving Anne Arundel County Since 1991

Carolyn Gilden Krohn has been licensed to practice law since 1991. Her typical clients are individuals facing overwhelming debt issues, separating/divorcing spouses facing marital debt, and former business owners who have personally guaranteed their business debt.

Bankruptcy takes an emotional toll, caused by the inability to keep up with house payments, credit card payments, and other financial obligations. At the Nager Law Group Annapolis Branch, we listen to our clients patiently, return phone calls promptly, and help them achieve their goals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

After an initial meeting with a bankruptcy client, our team makes a recommendation regarding the best way to deal with your particular situation. It is always best to avoid filing for bankruptcy, when possible. Together we will explore these alternatives, rather than just immediately filing for bankruptcy.

In situations where filing for bankruptcy is the best approach, there are two approaches we take. If a client is behind on their mortgage, and the lender is not willing to be reasonable, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure action and auction of the home. If a client is facing judgement and overwhelming credit card debt, and does not have access to lump sums in order to negotiate settlements with creditors, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will allow for a “fresh start” and discharge those debts. If the IRS or the state of Maryland are garnishing salary or attaching assets, in some situations certain taxes may be dischargeable and a bankruptcy filing can stop collection activity. 

Why Choose Us

Honest, Expert Lawyers

We have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases on behalf of our clients, saving them millions of dollars in the process.

Comprehensive Strategy Based on You

At the Nager Law Group Annapolis Branch, we employ a strategic, goal-orients, and custom-tailored approach to resolving the specific needs of your case based on your needs.

We Offer a Realistic and Honest Approach

We take care to evaluate your situation and recommend the best possible course of action. Our fees are reasonable and we offer flexible payment plans.

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